Portable Toilets

C&P: for people who are "out" & "going"!

We have units to meet the needs of any event. Whether it is a backyard party, construction site, sports event or a wedding. There are many options available. Units that are on site for long term are serviced on a weekly basis to insure the unit is clean, well stocked and maintained in a "user friendly" manner. More frequent servicing can be scheduled as necessary.

Portable Toilet Units

Available in the basic style units or the deluxe units. Basic units have a static tank and urninal. The deluxe units have a built in sink and a flush tank.

Ministry of Labour Approved Units

These units meet the requirements of the Ministry of Labour for construction sites. They are equipped with flush tank, sink for hand-wash, soap dispenser and paper products. Units are serviced weekly.

Special Events / Wedding Units

These units are suitable for any special event such as weddings or anniversary parties. They are white in color and are complete with sink for hand - wash, flush toilet, soap dispenser and paper products. Lights are available for these units.

Special Needs Units

These units are larger in design to facilitate easy access for wheelchairs. The floor area is flush to the ground level and the larger doorway and interior make it easier for those with special considerations.

Washroom Trailers

These trailer units are suitable for any site whether it be a construction site or a wedding site. They include two washroom areas. Each is equipped with fresh water flush toilet, a small vanity / sink with lights inside and outside the unit. The men’s washroom area is also equipped with a urinal.

Handwash Facilities

Hand wash Stations are available with 2 or 4 sinks per station. The are delivered fully stocked with paper products and soap. They are a totally self contained unit and offer “ hands free” operation.

Hand Sanitizing Stations are another option for event coordinators to consider. These "SaniStand" units dispense foam hand sanitizer. Great idea for Fairs, Petting Zoos or anywhere food is being served.

Both the HandWash Stations and SaniStand Units are excellent ways to provide safer, healthier environments for workers and visitors, especially where food is made available to the public.

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